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My end is also my beginnning...

More shocking news headlines: So what if Tiger is a "player" - teeth got knocked out - Rasta held with kilos of the white lady

Doesn't look like Xmas

Love is in the air

Everything is money



Cuando el Presidente Obama inauguró el martes 20 de enero del presente año, residentes en Wisconsin, Estados Unidos tuvieron la oportunidad de ver el evento histórico en el cine. Sí, el cine. Cada uno de los espectadores pagó seis dólares para ver la inauguración en Majestic Theater.

Conozco a gente quien reserva mesas en lugares como Fontana para ver partidos de futbol y el Super Bowl porque para ellos es un momento público, no privado, que les gustaría compartir con sus amigos, igual extraños.

¡Qué gran gusto y gran negocio serían si todos los cines mexicanos empiezan a emitir conciertos, partidos, discursos políticos, obras de teatro y otros espectáculos no cinemáticas! Piensa bien en el concepto innovador. Coldplay tocará en Foro Sol en el Distrito Federal en marzo 2010. El boleto más económico cuesta 250 pesos. Todavía no hemos agregado el pasaje ida y vuelta a Cuernavaca, alimentos, bebidas y una noche en el hotel para los que no tiene hospedaje en el DF; será casi mil pesos para ver tu grupo favorito. Si por ejemplo Cinépolis hace un enlace en vivo del concierto y cobra unos 300 pesos a cada espectador, el trato convendrá a ambos lados. Cinépolis podría aprovechar y llenar salas cuando no haya películas blockbusters y los espectadores disfrutarán las pantallas grandes de alta definición y 3D. Imagina luciendo y llegando al cine estilo alfombra roja para ver los Premios Oscars si fueras Angelina Jolie o en el caso de los hombres George Clooney.

Me acuerdo una lectura de un querido profesor en la cual nos contó que hace muchas décadas ir al cine fue un pasatiempo involucrando toda la comunidad porque no todos los hogares tuvieron una televisión.



My friend's mom died today. What is even sadder about her death and the pain of my friend is that the doctors supposedly misdiagnosed her illness and then it was too late. Incompetence? Lack of medical preparation in a third world country? Guess we will never know. The only thing that we know for sure and should accept without fear isthat we are all going to die one day.
RIP Joy, you will be missed.



1. Journalism student who says more censorship is needed.

2. Very subjective future communicators.

3. Not showing respect to an invited guest.



Thank you for your mail and i know this mail will come to you as surprise,since,we don't know each ,but, i believe faith can bring us together. I will like to established a relationship with you by special grace of God and i also contacted you, because, of the urgency of my situation here in Togo.I am single girl of 24 years of age and the only daughter of Late Dr.Al Ahlia Nasir,who was the formal Director of Ah liaco chemical Manufacturing company,a private chemical/Plastics industry in Damascus,Syria,My parent was been killed by the government of Dr.Sadiq al-Mahdir,who was the former Sudanese Prime Minister by sending troop to come and burn down our house down in mid night and my parent were killed by the troopsDr.Sadiq al-Mahdir accuse my father of coup attempt by financing rebel Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) I was in the University campus when i had the news the following morning,from there,i managed to scape to a neighboring country in Africa to seek a slum under under United nation refugee camp with attached to St Anthony Catholic church in Lome,republic of Togo.Dr.Sadiq al-Mahdir,has succeeded in destroying my family,by using his power to take all our family properties,even taking the certificate of co-operation of my father company and hand over to the Syria Co-operate affair by accusing him of vandalizing government fund to open the company,Presently now,I am seeking for an assistance of a trusted and God fearing person i can trust my love possibly relocate and settle down in life.My father of blessed memory deposited the sum of US $3.500, 000.00 in one international bank in Europe with my name as the next of kin,which ,no body is away of the deposit apart from me,because, i was informed, when he made the deposit,before his shocking death, I wish to contact you personally for a long term business relationship and investment assistance in your Country.I shall forward you with the necessary documents on confirmation of your acceptance to assist me for the transfer of the fund and investment of the fund in your country,.As you will help me in an investment of the fund. I will like to go back to school in your country and complete my studies, as i was in my 3Rd year in the university,when the wicked world turn me upside down.It is my intention to compensate you with 15% of the total money for your services and the balance shall be my investment capital. This is the reason why, I decided to contact you. Please all communications should be through this email address only for confidential purposes and as soon as I receive your positive response showing your interest,I will put every things into action immediately. In the light of the above,I shall appreciate an urgent respond indicating your ability and willingness to handle this transaction sincerely.Please do keep this only to your self, please, i begg you not to disclose it till i come over,because,i don't want to attract the interest of the government again and i want to protect my life also.
Yours Sincerely,
Monica is the sender, it also came attached with the photograph of a young black woman that is shown above.

Lots of scam artists out there, just look at this random email I got. Sad thing about it is that there are kind-hearted people out there who fall into these traps.



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Ecclesiastes 12 verse 1
Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them...

Proverbs 6 verse 6
Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise...

Ruth 1 verse 16
And Ruth said, Entreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God...

Ephesians 4:32
And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you.

-Kind hearts are gardens, kind thoughts are roots, kind words are blossoms, kind deeds are fruits.

-Laziness grows on people. It begins in cobwebs and ends in iron chains

-Don't lean on others be a man! Stand on footing of your own. Be independent if you can,
and cultivate a sound backbone.

- Speak the truth and speak it ever, cost it what it will. He would hides the wrong he did, does the wrong thing still

Vaz Prep motto: “Honest Labour Bears a Lovely Face.”

EMMY 2009

CHERRY JONES wins SUPPORTING ACTRESS IN A DRAMA for “24”, yeah to that even though I don't watch the series.

Voted for "True Blood" for the Breakthrough Performance on

Simon Baker is looking sexy in his glasses.

"House" gets annoying so I am not looking forward to them winning.

Hope "30 Rock" wins for Best Comedy.

Sarah Mclachlan looked very lovely.

Tina Fey is in the front row!

Bob Newhart is funny.



I was stunned when I stood outside this building that is located in Puebla, Mexico. Imagine being inside that house when it was being fired at! It took place during the Mexican Revolution. This month Mexico will be celebrating their independence, as the locals say, ¡VIVA MÉXICO CABRONES!



"click title to go to page"
You see him at all the hype events around town. This tall, fun-loving guy is either taking photos or being the life of the party. He is the guy who all the fine looking ladies have in an embrace at any given moment. You would be walking the malls in Half Way Tree and hear someone shout "Chicken!". Welcome to the life of Ian Gregory Bourne, affectionately called "Chicken", a man's brethren and ladies' man, this is what life was like for one third owner of the entertainment website
Ian lived in Tavern, St. Andrew in a humble home, raised by his father and grandmother (of whom he speaks of constantly with endearment). Born February 25, 1981, he and his siblings were abandoned by their mother at an early age; he recalls "My father was both mother and father to us, he washed, ironed and cooked for us. Him neva have it but him try." This circumstance was what lead young Ian to become an entrepreneur.
Blessed with leadership skills, Ian would scold the children at his basic school for being disobedient. He recalled how he loved playing dolly house as he would always play the role of the father which was a plus for Ian, don't ask why. He grew up hardly watching television spending his childhood playing at the river with siblings and friends, a definite force to be reckoned with and like any other child he would disobey his grandmother's orders of not going on the streets.
Around age seven or eight years of age Chicken would sell fruits in the Papine Market while his siblings would ignore him when they see him at "work", determined to make money for himself, he carried on, "they would sometimes ask me for money", he remembers, being the good brother that he is he obliged and shared his profits. Sovereign Center would be his next gig, as window cleaner and sweeping out clothing stores. And thanks to that he became an employee at Popeye's Chicken. Ian made his television debut being interviewed by Fae Ellington of then Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (now TVJ) for being the youngest member on staff. "Yuh see school bag and shoes, mi get dem tings deh. I would watch any show in the cinema and get snacks I want while working at the plaza. The people loved me. I was very bright. I knew what I had to do to survive. My friends would just send me to a store and I choose what school shoes I want, the next day it was delivered to me. I gave them my school book list and it was taken care of. Those people treated me so good."
As a teenager Bourne worked as a waiter at Golden Dragon, also at Air Jamaica and National Commercial Bank. He told me about his first day at Air Jamaica, "when I walked into the room the men directed me to the area where the flight attendants worked." Ian was not employed as a flight attendant but at over six feet with features that Jamaicans would call a "face boy" (pretty boy or handsome), Ian could easily be mistaken for a model. At 20 he owned a chicken farm in Papine and no this is not the origin of his alias. Alone he did the tedious task of supplying restaurants in Jamaica's corporate area, likewise domestic households, with home grown poultry. He is presently working at the Ministry of National Security while managing a website with his two friends Andrew Bellamy and David Ellis. received 18 million hits since its one year launch. Thanks to the charismatic and sociable input of Ian the guys gained a lot of support from fans and advertisers worldwide.

Written 2003



Drinking a beer.

Heat is unbearable.

Watching Dollhouse for the first time.... ARGGHHHH!!

I'm a fool for love :-)

I like getting free stuff dammit!

Testosterone and fighting competitive dudes.

One last lap to partial victory, I am psyched.




-The Resurrection Man by Charlotte Macleod

-The Narrows by Michael Connelly

-A Star Called Henry by Roddy Doyle

Towns in Morelos



Llegando a la fiesta ves a tu mejor amiga luciendo en la blusa que quisiste comprar en Lacoste, ella se ve super y tienes un poco de envidia pues también está estrenando su nueva nariz, cortesía de su reciente herencia. Tres muppets vas bien, dos copas de whiskey con agua mineral y sigues parada, ya con la tercera copa te sientes mal. Tu mejor amiga te acompaña al baño porque tienes ganas de vomitar, en el momento estás vulnerable, la fragancia de Dolce y Gabanna Light Blue que lleva tu amiga te hace aun más vulnerable, admiras su nueva nariz, le besas y ella hace lo mismo. ¡Ay besaste a una chava y te gustó!

Según el Larousse diccionario básico Lengua Española, la homosexualidad es “estado de los individuos que sólo son atraídos sexualmente por personas de su propio sexo.” ¿Besar a alguien significa que existe una atracción sexual entre los participantes? No me refiero a los besitos que uno da a sus parientes. El Larousse American Pocket Chambers English Dictionary define bisexual como “sexually attracted to both males and females”, (una atracción sexual a ambos géneros, masculino y femenino). ¿Las amas de casa que desean una noche amorosa con Angelina Jolie y las que quieren que sus esposos sean igual de Ellen DeGeneres son bisexuales? ¿Cuándo terminará el fenómeno de ser gay para la conveniencia?

¿Quién tiene la culpa? Los medios de comunicación en el occidente alimentan este fenómeno. No me canso leer chismes sobre Lindsay Lohan y su novia/ex novia Samantha Ronson porque me volvió fan de Lilo desde su película Life-Size con la modelo Trya Banks (quien ganó un Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation Excellence in Media Award). A lo mejor detecté su lesbianismo desde entonces. Es obvio que Lilo anda con Samantha porque la ama. No lloré, pero sentí algo de ternura por Lilo cuando habló de su relación con Samro en The Ellen DeGeneres Show; se ve que Lilo está enamorada… Me canso oír “I Kissed a Girl” de Katy Perry; “besé a una chava y me gustó” es parte del coro de esta canción que ha vendido unos tres millones de sencillos desde su lanza en 2008. Supuestamente nuestra querida Katy nunca besó a una chava y es heterosexual, entonces no entiendo la razón por cantar la canción tan ferviente. Ok ya entendí, está aprovechando al fenómeno que he mencionado anteriormente. Gracias Katy por el apoyo que ha dado a la comunidad queer por despreciando su sexualidad con tu canción, o sea, las mujeres solamente besan a sus amigas cuando están borrachas.

Ser gay está de moda y mis queridos niños también participan. Mi audiencia a lo mejor no supo que Will Smith tuvo un papel como un engañador homosexual en la película Six Degrees of Separation. Fue un acto valiente de su parte puesto que el mundo rap es homofóbico. ¡El príncipe del rap besó a otro hombre! A ver si le gustó. Una amiga me dijo que uno de sus hermanos ya no es fan de Heath Ledger porque interpretó un vaquero bisexual en la película El Secreto de las Montañas con Jake Gyllenhaal. Lo bueno es que su hermano no tiene poder en Hollywood. Neo (Keanu Reeves) interpretó un prostituto homosexual en My Own Private Idaho, este año Sean Penn ganó un Premio Óscar por Mejor Actor en la película Milk en lo cual interpretó el activista y político homosexual estadounidense Harvey Milk, y no podemos olvidar al mexicano Diego Luna y su soberbio actuación como su novio.

¡TAMBIEN ESTÁN EN MI TELE AAAAAAAAAAA! Según el enciclopedia virtual Wikipedia, el canadiense Eric McCormack es casado con una mujer y tiene un hijo pero eso no le impidió interpretar el abogado homosexual Will Truman en la serie de NBC, Will & Grace. ABC tiene la serie Grey’s Anatomy, en lo cual la sinaloense Sara Ramírez, y Brooke Smith, interpretan a las doctoras Callie Torres y Erica Hahn, respectivamente, quienes se enamoran en la cuarta temporada, y tuvieron una relación amorosa breve en la quinta temporada. Este trama ni tuvo sentido y en mi opinión ABC nada más quiso incluir la situación lésbica para mejorar sus ratings.

¿Estos personajes ayudan a que reconozcamos abiertamente nuestra sexualidad? ¿Está mal el fenómeno de ser gay para la conveniencia o la experimentación sexual es lo que nos está enseñando? Ya sé las respuestas de los homofóbicos, ¿cuál es tu respuesta?



Damn waking up early

Damn the weird dreams

Damn me, I was a paparazzi in my dream: whales, celebrities, notepad.... WHAT?!

Flipping monotonous Reggaeton tracks

Puerto Rican accents



-I've been stressing a lot. School is kicking my butt. Health is out of whack: headaches, shoulder aches, all sort of aches DAMMIT!

-Big ups to El Rey for showing some love to Mexico one mo'gain. God bless tequila and beer :)

-I might be in love

-Still in a relationship with my school work

-I feel pressured

-Longing for vacations :(

-Why the apathy in young people?



Se puede decir que Amada Paredones López, periodista para 25 años, corresponsal del periódico Impacto, colaboradora para la revista Alarma y reportera para el diario El Financiero Morelos es una dramaturga pues es viveza al expresarse, se viste en ropa colorida, habla constantemente de la cultura, y realmente ama la literatura.

El miércoles 17 de junio en el hotel de cinco estrellas La Casa Azul fue la rueda de prensa y la primera presentación al público del programa de revista Amada en el hotel que saldrá el viernes 19 de junio en el canal tres de televisión abierta y en el canal 70 de Cablemás a las 22 horas. El programa es de “cultura inteligente” según uno de los integrantes del equipo y tendrá varias secciones algunas siendo: gastronomía, salud y nutrición.
El empleado de Televisa, Jorge Navarro sirve como productor de dicho programa es seguro que el programa tendrá un éxito en los hogares de los morelenses. Alumno de periodismo Jonathan Campos Ocampo es el Coordinador de Producción y Yuliana Castillo es conductora en la sección de nutrición; eso dice que el programa cultural es para toda la demografía pues ellos son jóvenes, y cuando hablamos de la cultura pensamos en el aburrimiento. Los otros participantes son de los ámbitos de derecho, periodismo y entretenimiento.
Paredones López también es catedrática en la Universidad del Valle de Cuernavaca en Cuernavaca, Morelos.



Es seguro decir que la nota policiaca muestra la realidad que vivimos: robo, choques, accidentes, asesinatos, homicidios, entre otros crímenes y delitos. De todos modos las notas policiacas saldrán en los periódicos. Yo presentaré la información de una manera para que no ofenda a los afectados, es decir, respetuosamente. Trataré los hechos como si fueran acerca de mi familia o conocidos. Mejoraré el lenguaje sin quitar la esencia de la gramática del género, la presentación sería más agradable en cuanto a la letra y las imágenes, pondré una advertencia en la portada del periódico o la sección para que los menores de edad no lo puedan conseguirlo o sepan que no está dirigida hacia ellos. Voy a prepararme e investigar bien los hechos antes de darlos al público porque en fin quiero informarlo ganar su respeto. Al seguir estudiar y capacitarme más, obtendré la habilidad de ejercer un trabajo de alta calidad. No voy a olvidar mi espíritu humano porque quiero vender miles de ejemplares y tener éxito.



Morelos, el estado mexicano con 33 municipios llenado de una historia riqueza, un patrimonio cultural, un clima estupendo y una belleza natural atraen a turistas mexicanos y extranjeros. Antes de conocer los hechos ocurridos en Morelos acerca del narcotráfico que estuvieron llenando el primer plano de los diarios, una amiga me ha dicho en una plática general hace dos o tres semana que muchos narcotraficantes viven en Cuernavaca. ¿Cómo sabe ella? No sé, pero me quedé en shock al escuchar eso porque pensé que es una ciudad tranquila (aunque haya sucedido una gran cantidad de secuestros). Mis amigos y yo siempre recordamos las cabezas tiradas en la pista en una discoteca en Michoacán y decimos que bueno que estamos estudiando en Cuernavaca porque estas situaciones no pasarán.
Sabiendo poco a poco de lo que está pasando ahora con el narcotráfico en Morelos empiezo a preocuparme por la seguridad, más bien mi propia seguridad y la de mis compañeros extranjeros en Cuautla, Cuernavaca y Temixco nos gusta salir a conocer gente y lugares.
“US War on Drugs” (Los Estados Unidos lucha contra las drogas) es lo que veo en las cabezas de las noticias en los diarios estadunidenses. No está mal pues, pero ni el pescado grande o México ponen enfoque en la destrucción que la mismísima lucha está haciendo a los mexicanos inocentes. La intención escondida de los narcotraficantes es derrotar el gobierno y hacer corrupto los tribunales, el militar, la policía y aterrorizar a los ciudadanos. Mi mensaje para los consumidores de drogas es que cuando ustedes están celebrando y festejando en su estado de alucinación están cien por ciento apoyando la intención escondida de estos malcriados.



The Miss Uninter Final will be taking place on Thursday the 2nd of April at 10:00 PM at Elyseé Smart Bar located in Cuernavaca, Morelos. The creator and organizer of this educational pagaent (the head honcho) is none other than the 2004 Miss St. Kitts Johan Michelle Kelly, student and current delegate for the universities Caribbean students. Some of the notable judges will be José Luis Ávila Escutia who works in Public Relations and Siry Maziri, who placed second at the 2008 Miss Morelos pagaent.

The contestants will be competing for the chance to study for free at a university in Holland or the USA that is affiliated with the Universidad Internacional. I will be on hand at the finals at my reserved table as a guest of Ms. Kelly. Within the next few weeks I will "try" to post photos and interviews of the participants and the attendees.



Semifinals Performance - Womanizer by Britney Spears
Second Rehearsal
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

With vigour, passion and grace, the participants of the first Miss Uninter pagaent were dancing and sweating their pretty hearts out. At the helm of this rehearsal was Allan Parra Núñez, a great maestro who's principal goal was to put the pep into steps, the sass in sexy, the beauty in bravado, and the act in attitude. The fifteen natural beauties that were on hand ranged from ages 18 to 28, hailing from Mexico and one from Zambia, showed the onlookers what is to be expected from their future representatives.
(click on blog title to go to Universidad Internacional's website)



¿Cuántos movimientos (artísticos, políticos), culturas, líneas de pensamiento, etc hay en un país, mas bien, en una institución educativa? En una preparatoria por ejemplo tenemos a muchos grupitos: los nerds, los fresas, los mamones, los jodidos, los darketos, los emos, los cholos, los hippies, entre otros. Aunque comparten ciertos rasgos, no piensan igual y dentro ellos habrá conflictos. Si los chavitos no pueden llevarse bien entonces es casi imposible que los adultos (que son los líderes, la figura de autoridad que debe tener mayor inteligencia y experencia) lo harán.


No está tan mal ser “controlado” pues hay gente que no sabe de dónde viene ni a dónde debe irse. Todo el mundo busca una identidad y los medios le ayudan en este aspecto. Yo no pienso que los medios convierten a la gente en idiotas sino la gente ya es idiota y busca un programa televisivo, revista, lo que sea, de acuerdo a su naturaleza. O sea, siempre hay una alternativa y se puede elegir. El problema en estudiar los efectos sociales de los medios es que no involucran al target, es decir, no preguntan a las amas de casa que ven las telenovelas el por qué de “consumir” los sentimientos que están transmitiendo. La modernidad en todo su esplendor y el capitalismo y el liberalismo me hacen contenta porque son lo que conozco como un miembro de Generation Y. En fin, no lo veo como una realidad radical.


"Life is good and the girls are gorgeous"
These Streets by Paolo Nutini

Spring Night Party was the place to be on Saturday, March 21st. Finding the place was easy thanks to the map that the Duendes Rosas, who are the promoters, provided.

Once I got there, the two ladies selling tickets had a welcome smile that was more than appreciative. One of them remembered me from the last party and was sort of encouraging me to wear one of the colour-coded chains. The tables were decorated with subtle candles, the bar was easily accessible (they had Dos Equis beer!) and the music varied throughout the night. The boys and girls were in full effect tearing up the dance floor. The pool was waiting for all those who dared to jump in and cool off. Hahaha at one point two girls had a freestyle race. My only complaint is that two restrooms aren't sufficient for such a large beer drinking crowd. A companion of mine who is a very good friend of the Duendes introduced me to two of them but I can not remember their names; I do remember though that one of them is the webmaster of their site.

The Venezuelan exotic dancers executed their task very well. I wonder how much hours they spend in the gym? I have to give an honourable mention to The L Word's Marina look-alike. The resemblance and gestures were sweetly uncanny. The Duendes Rosas once again did a fantastic job!
(click on link to go to Duendes Rosas website)



A friend of mine suggested these artistes to me. I like her taste in music so I will be checking out the ones that I don't know:

Raphael Saadiq
Ben Harper
Ojos de Brujo
Malika Ayane
The Clics
Meshell Ndegeocello
Jenny Hoyston
Girl in a Coma
Uh Huh Her
Lesbians on Ecstasy
Tender Forever
Tegan & Sara



You Are Submissive Sexy
You are sexy because you are sensitive. You feel deeply. You're the type of person who loves being seduced and pursued. You're too passive to ever take the lead, but you don't mind waiting for someone to notice you. And once someone is chasing you, you love every moment until you are caught. Everything inside your head gets a little intense at times. You can get a bit overwhelmed in the bedroom. Your senses are very sharp. You are easily stimulated and turned on.

NOTE: This was the result of a quiz I took titled "What's Sexy About Your Name?". Click on the post's title to go the website.



This is a second installment of a few artistes that I think basically "saved" the music industry with originality:

Ava Leigh
Butch Walker
Kings of Leon
The Ting Tings



¡Soy Juan Pablo Castel! Es decir, soy un ser que siento superior de los demás. A veces pierdo la esperanza en la raza humana. Pienso que hay mucha gente que no puedo confiar en. Siento sóla. Pero Juan tiene rasgos únicos que no comparte conmigo. Juan no menosprecia a los criminales, de hecho, Juan piensa que son inofensivos y limpios; tal vez opine eso porque él es un criminal. Pudiera ser que los criminales son contra de la humanidad y a Juan le da gusto saberlo.
Juan es un artista que pasa su tiempo con psicólogos, eso significa que es capaz de analizar y fijarse mucho en los detalles. Vivía en soledad casi todo su vida entonces no conocer la intimidad. La relación que tiene con María es más obsesiva que amorosa, de la parte de Juan.

13 Febrero 2008



As anyone with an ounce of sense should know, each person interprets things in their own manner. At times that person may share the same point of view as someone else. Now, for whatever reason it may be, some people don't know what is happening in their backyard therefore it is impossible for them to know about everything that is taking place in their country, especially if they haven't been living in their country of origin for a long period of time. Pardon my "stupidity", but I am able to keep up with the millions of newsworthy items that are being presented by the media.
Since week I was asked by someone what is the biggest news right now in the Caribbean. I replied that something that has to do with the economy, granted that the lead stories of a particular newspaper website that I read frequently mentions job losses, freezing of salaries and other unfortunate economic circumstances. I was basically ridiculed by said person for not knowing about a Caribbean banker who is being extradited to the United States for whatever reason. (It turns out that I did see the article but never bothered to click on it. What is newsworthy for some people is not newsworthy to me. Pardon me for being different.) Said person began to attack my credibility as a journalism student because I didn't know about this one article! And when I asked said person about what is the biggest news right now in Europe that person couldn't even mention one fact. I said nothing because people's interests are peaked by various things.
I know people who can tell you about happenings in the political world, some who know about new and existing members in the literary world, some who will flood your IPods and MP3 players with music you probably haven't even heard of, et cetera, because that is what gets their critical juices flowing.
Who am I? Just an ordinary being who knows when and where to say things, the person who isn't afraid of declaring herself ignorant if she doesn't know a fact, the person who wants you to enlighten her about that fact, the person that will not let anyone put words in her mouth and comment on something that she knows nothing a bout. I am not pretentious.
This daggering debate was brought to my attention by a relative of mine who proudly created a group on Facebook against the banning of the videos and songs, I was sent a group invite. I first learnt the word daggering last year when I found out that a Jamaican deejay named Vybz Kartel had a condom brand of the same name. I never even gave the name much thought as I was so excited that a Jamaican artiste is following in the footsteps of rappers by creating their own products. Vybz Kartel also promotes Vybz Rum. The condom idea was so exciting to me because I saw it as a way of promoting safe sex, whether it was or wasn't the intention of the deejay. So yet again, someone assumed that I knew what daggering was all about because: 1. I'm Jamaican and 2. It is talking about sex because of the context it is used in. Again I declared myself ignorant because I never even heard these songs about daggering. Pardon me if I don't spend my time searching for and memorizing the latest dancehall songs (I love dancehall by the way but I only admire few deejays).
I say this to everyone, if you and I don't share the same views that doesn't mean that we can't coexist. What I would like for you to do is not to "attack" me or anyone else who isn't like you. Let it be, just let it be.



"I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you know"... Wonderwall by Oasis

WTF! I SHAN'T ENGAGE IN THAT "25 THINGS THAT YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT ME" PHENOMENON ON FACEBOOK. I think that the hidden agenda is finding out people's secrets. There are some things that you just don't wanna share or should share.

People walk in and out of our lives like a grocery store. Only that sometimes, we spend around 3 months in that grocery store getting to know the products :-P

Ellen Degeneres rules!!

Panic and the Rebel Emergency should have been nominated for a Grammy back in the day and has the best album that you probably never heard - Captured by a Vision.

I have homophobic friends who swear that they aren't.

I'm hungry at this moment and can not decide what to eat.

TMZ is funny.

Let the young Hollyweird celebrities be and stop FORCING them to be role models. They are humans first, and always. Raise your own kids dammit!!!

What would I do if I were a trust fund baby?

The L Word is addictive.

Knowledge is attractive.

Soap operas suck.

Meh to most talk shows.

People still keep avoiding reality. Is it that hard to embrace?

How do some douchebags get reality show deals? Oh right, for being douchebags.

The Hills. Tried watching it, but the characters seem like expressionless plastic zombie people without real issues. Unnecessary drama much?... Laguna Beach ruled!!

Pundits, pundits, pundits.

People I know wanna get married.



Le sigh. There will never be enough time to accomplish all the tasks we place on our table. Not even for the ones that are most necessary, like showering for example. You get up late for class, work or whatever appointment, and if you stop for that proper cleansing your body requires before facing the public, you will be late, and being late equals sanctions dammit. So whaddya do? Le sigh, and move on.

So much reading to do, not enough time. This semester I have to tackle Open Source Democracy by Douglas Rushkoff, there is also a Geopolitics anthology that I have only given a glimpse, random texts from the likes of Jorge Luís Borges, José Ortega y Gasset, and many others to come. The most interesting read I believe will be that of Sobre héroes y tumbas by Ernesto Sabato. I enjoyed his novel El túnel, I highly recommend it.

And to think I wanted a degree in literature. Le sigh.

PS: I have completed the screenplay for a short film. Please contact me if you are connected to the film industry.




Don't fear it, embrace it. Cyberculture is where we are right now and where will be years to come.

Seriously now, who doesn't mind swiping a card to pay for things instead of walking around with cash which just might be stolen from you? I can bore you with many examples that will facilitate why at the end of the day the same people who are "against" technological development has had to embrace it at least once in their lifetime. It is forced upon us yes, but everything has its good and bad. Do we have a choice?



Hay un hombre encima de una montaña volviendo la espalda al espectador mientras viendo la neblina y el fuego abajo. Se puede ver las cimas de algunas montañas en la neblina, otras montañas completas al fondo y el cielo. Aquí tenemos la naturaleza cruda. El cuadro representa género humano. El hombre se viste en traje encima de una montaña entonces es un hombre sabio o tiene importancia en la sociedad. La neblina representa las luchas que el hombre se enfrenta y la incertidumbre. El cielo es la esperanza y las metas que le gustaría cumplir. Él tomando esa postura nos dice que es individualista y no llegó al triunfo con el ayudo de nadie entonces acepta todo el reconocimiento. Volviendo su espalda significa que es una persona confiada y no tiene miedo que cualquier persona puede llegar atrás y empujarlo. La llama puede ser la destrucción o un grave obstáculo en su futuro. A lo mejor la emisión de luz representa la Ilustración que era el movimiento antes del Romanticismo dando que la pintura es Romántica.

Nos enseña y nos presenta el Romanticismo inconscientemente. La pintura nos muestra el horror que vivimos día a día, él de la violencia y las guerras. En la distancia se observa una explosión de magnitud atómica. El observador está tranquilo y no está asustado por el acontecimiento ante él; es algo que era previsible. El hombre busca la agitación vía muchas maneras entonces él crea una guerra para que se disfruta y se siente catártico al ver los resultados: muerte, pobreza y sufrimiento. La obra evoca una escena muy probable debido al mundo nuclear en que vivimos.


Batman está agarrando flores en un lugar parecido a un cementerio. El cuadro muestra un lado simpatizante que no se suele ver en un superhéroe. En el cuadro, Batman es viviendo un momento difícil como cualquier ser humano. El acto muestra su debilidad y vulnerabilidad. Batman es el superhéroe más humano porque no tiene poderes inventados ni genes modificados, es decir, si se cae le duele, si le golpean él pierde sangre. Él fue testigo del asesinato de sus padres y es por eso sufre psicológicamente. Su cabeza colgante expresa tristeza y reverencia. Las flores rojas representan el aniversario de la muerte de sus padres. Los pétalos cayendo es la sangre de sus padres. Batman es un ser fuerte pero está cargando las flores que tienen una textura suave y un olor fresco que son elementos más relacionados a la feminidad. La nieve representa una situación fría además su blancura da serenidad y paz al ambiente. La noche representa la oscuridad de su papel como superhéroe. La obra es solemne y pensativa.


Hay tres calaveras sonriendo. La calavera humana en muchas culturas significa la muerte, el malvado y la mortalidad. Esta obra señala la muerte de Cristobal Colón. Puede ser que va relacionada con las tres fases de muerte que Colón ha de haber tenido; su regreso a Europa después de su último viaje a América, su vida de soledad y su muerte física. Las calaveras sonriendo hacen burla de la muerte y se puede interpretar como un asunto morboso. Tiene el objetivo de enfatizar la importancia de su muerte.

En el primer viaje Colón utilizó tres naves conocidos como las "Tres Carabelas", llamadas La Niña, La Pinta y La Santa María. El Muelle de las Carabelas es un museo ubicado en Palos de la Frontera. En él, se encuentra las reproducciones de La Ninña, La Pinta y La Santa María que se construyeron en 1992 para celebrar el V Centenario del descubrimiento de América. Están ubicadas en una dársena de forma semicircular. La Pinta y La Niña se hallan a los lados, flanqueando a La Santa María. La Santa María, por su parte, es la de mayor tamaño y en ella no solo se halla el camarote de Cristobal Colón y su correspondiente representación, sino que puede verse a un escriba y también las entrañas del barco.



I think that the band Coldplay are extremely remarkable. Talk about lyrics and composition t hat speaks! At this moment, if I could choose to be a member of any existing musical group, I would choose Coldplay, and I am not a die hard fan of theirs. I don't own any Coldplay albums nor have I ever seen them perform live. So why this post about Coldplay? Two songs, Violet Hill and Viva La Vida. To me, these songs are instant classics.

I am surprised that Coldplay have been so successful because it is rare that the masses are fed a balanced musical meal. I give kudos to anyone who has released any form of musical work, whether it be mainstream or independent. But, I'll give those people two kudos if they are original. I've yet to hear someone compare Coldplay's music to that of any other existing artistes. Well, maybe they have and I am just living under a bridge. I know that human beings have to classify everything in order for them to feel comfortable and not threatened and if something or someone doesn't fit into any of the many existing genres that something or someone are either ignored, or we jump and create a new genre for that specimen of originality with the intention of copying it.

Musicians that have invaded my playlist that you probably haven't heard:
Brother Ali
Jolie Holland
St. Vincent
Mates of State
Red House Painters
Panic and the Rebel Emergency
Sufjan Stevens
Nada Surf
The Weepies
Toshi Reagon



A: "Todo el mundo construye su propia manera de ser, pero cuando se busque un trabajo en los medios de comunicación llegará un momento cuando se tiene que modificar algunos aspectos personales para que se corresponda a la imagen de aquella empresa."

B: "Pues hay que buscar un medio que corresponde a su personalidad."

A: "¡¿Y qué hago en la recesión?!"

Me hizo reír porque en la actual crisis económica no podemos elegir ni rechezar a lo guey las oportunidades de trabajo. Las pinches cuentas siguen veniendo cada mes. Las cuentas no dicen: "Oooops, que ahorita X no tiene trabajo entonces durante tres semanas no vendré, además, no me acumularé."




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Your hair left memories on my striped pillows. The strands are curly. When the sunlight enters through the Windexed panes and shines upon them them they reflect a bright gold; sometimes three quarters has the colour of chestnut. Suddenly, I begin to think about that day you sat at the front of the class conducting oral exams. How sexy you were in those jeans that gave makes me feel cathartic. Your black boots and sweater makes you almost look renegade. Your jovial expressions and gestures are why you've always been my favourite. Can't say you are the best teacher but you are definitely the best looking. You make people laugh yet I can see that you are timid in certain settings. I am attracted to your shyness and what I consider inexperience. If you only knew how many kisses and intimate moments we've shared in my fantasies.

And now, here I am with your hair, the only proof I have that you were in my bed last night. Where do we go from here? I hope that we will be able to have another night of awkwardness, another night of ecstasy, a night of fun, of pleasure. I can tell that it was also good for you. The sounds that you made when we touched for the first time could not have been fake.

Written March 13, 2008



¿Qué son los medios de comunicación masiva? Si no sabes, si no sabes por lo menos uno de ellos, eres un ser perdido. ¡Qué grosera!, ¿no? No tanto. Los medios de comunicación masiva han dirigido nuestra vida, nuestra existencia, y nuestro futuro por los últimos sesenta años. Dichos medios son: el internet, la prensa escrita (libros, periódicos, revistas), la radio y la televisión. Sin pensar, uno puede decir que la radio y la televisión no tiene nadan que ver con la escritura, uno diría, "la televisión presenta actores, colores e imágenes, y la radio, la voz", pero lo que no sabía es que todos los medios de comunicación, sin excepción, están compuestos por la escritura.

La escritura es el alfabeto, dibujos, hieroglifos, entre otros, que nos comunica un mensaje. Entonces todo lo que hemos visto en carteleras, folletos y señales es escritura. La civilización empezó con la escritura.

Ahora que hemos introducido los medios de comunicación masiva y la escritura, podemos hablar del lenguaje en el ámbito político. ¿El lenguaje juega un papel problemático? A veces, sí. Si mencianamos el Holocausto y la opinión de algunos, decíamos que el lenguaje de un autor muy reconocido, Friedrich Nietzsche, fue la culpa. Adolf Hitler y los nazis supuestamente modificaron su(s) texto(s) para justificar su ideologia y teoría, y algunos fueron mal interpretados por ellos y fue la causa de la execución de la gente que cabía en la raza pura. Nietzsche era reconocido en el ámbito político pero pienso que él nunca imaginaría que su obra afectaría a algunos lectores de esa magnitud.

En fin, los anuncios, los discursos y la propaganda, son elementos linguísticos de la política que los medios de comunicación masiva se aprovechan. Es la responsibilidad de cada uno no caer en lo mal que nos presentan.



Yesterday evening I was conversing with a friend of mine, someone that I love dearly. I asked her the very cliche question that comes out of most everyone´s lips towards the beginning of a new year, "Have you made any New Year's resolutions?"; to my surprise, she replied: "If you wanna change something, don't wait until the new year". Mind you I was drinking beer and tequila at the same time, but I was well aware enough to realize that was an intelligent answer, one that makes a whole lot of sense. Think about it, people continue or start a habit that they don't like, but won't make any steps towards ending it because they can simply justify it by saying, "You know what, I should definitely quit smoking, it will be one of my New Year's resolution". It will be a New Year's resolution even though it was said in the month of March hahaha. I'm not bashing smokers or anything, I just chose a common habit that most people can relate to. Almost everyone knows a smoker (tobacco, weed, random herbs, among others).

I salute my friend for making such a realization, she truly was the inspiration for this blog.