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I know the title is a bit off my dear readers but maybe that is because I have been a bit "off" for the past couple weeks or so.

Show of hands all the people who get into a little state of depression on or around their birthday. Well, I do sometimes. And I really don't know the reason.

Going up in age comes with more responsibilities, and those add pressure from your personal goals and the expectancies that others have of you. "So when are you going to have kids?" is the inevitable question they ask of young women. Don't know they realize that getting pregnant is not even a quarter of the battle? The people who want you to have kids probably won't be there for you when you need a night out on the town to get rid of stress. But they'll show up to the birthday celebrations and still find time to critique your parenting abilities. TO HELL WITH THEM I SAY! Have your children on your own terms; however, if they happen to pop up before time, make the decision that is right for you and your partner only.