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World Boss! I am still laughing at Vybz Kartel's hand gestures whenever he professes himself as the 'world boss' on his looking-for-love reality show, Teacha's Pet. I swear Kartel deh pon another level. What level? I haven't the slightest idea. But one has to admit that this Jamaican entertainer from Waterford is newsworthy, and in many ways.

From profane lyrics to bleaching of the skin, Adidjah Palmer was the first to do many things in the Jamaican dancehall scene. Just ask him, he'll gladly tell you in his third person reference style. Didn't pick up on that you say?

-Interviewer: So Kartel what do you think of...?

-Kartel: Well Vybz Kartel does not promote... ahuh ahuh.... awoh...

As a media junkie (journalist) I am waiting for other Jamaican members of the dancehall fraternity to debut their reality shows of any kind.

The first episode of Teacha's Pet was entertaining and puzzling, to say the least. It has potential to be a hit if sensible editing is done.




HEY SHINY HAPPY READERS! I'm back in full effect and newly inspired. I have decided to post interviews, stories, et cetera about things and people who I consider to be relevant. I know that I have a knack for talent and I really enjoy seeing people succeed. With that being said, keep checking back for more, more more.

Your comments and opinions are appreciated, so let others read them (uhm that means you should post 'em).



I am looking for innovative, open-minded computer animators to collaborate with for short films. I know that there are extremely talented Jamaicans out there. I just need yall to think outside the box. Holla at me if you are that person.



Hello happy people! How are we doing this fine Tuesday evening? Great I hope :-)

My mother and I concluded this morning that Jamaica was saved from brutal hurricanes this season. September is almost over (the month we usually get attacked). And well October is pretty much heavy rains. I hope we did not speak too soon.

Now for a completely different story. Lessons on how to be the professional hypocrite. What do you do when your superior at work blames you for everything that goes wrong? You follow their orders, you maintain order and respect even when you are being disrespected infront of clients and subordinates. You don't tell your subordinates about all the bad things that the superior says about them behind as soon as their backs are turned. You don't get fully compensated for work done and you decide to let karma take care of it. Pay attention little ones because the world is small, extremely small. Keep your composure, avoid arguments and do what you are told (as long as it is legal). Believe in yourself and never let anyone rain on your parade.