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It came to past that people continue to take advantage of others. Injustice much?
What I would like my readers to do is not to accept abuse of any kind from their coworkers, employers or employees. Yes, employers suffer abuse too. Know your rights! Exercise them! Seek help if necessary.
I commend my friend who went through the relevant channels to ensure that he got money owed to him by his employer. Well done, I say - well done, my good friend!



Good day to my wonderful readers.
My really close friends know that I can be extremely offensive and at the same time be politically correct. With that being said, I will have to say that being present at the People's National Party town meeting on November 10, 2011 in Waterford was an experience and a half.
I honestly did not expect to enjoy myself. Ah yes, I said enjoy! Now how does a spectator enjoy oneself at a political meeting you ask? It is simple, just listen keenly to what whoever at the podium is saying and you will sure to have a laugh or few. Do not forget to get an eyefull of the other spectators and their rhetorics.
I arrived at the bus stop where the stage is after 8pm. The Honorable Portia Simpson-Miller was no where in sight but her comrades (PNPs pronounce it cumreds) were. I was not even aware of the whole comrade monicker. Anyhow, the disc jockey had a variety of appropriate song selections that was in sync with the words of the comrades.
The DJ played 'You're Amazing' by Bruno Mars, 'She's Royal' by Taurus Riley, among others, to welcome Portia to the stage. She was dancing too!
The highlight of my night would have to be when they played Mavado's 'Gully Side' to welcome one time mayor of Portmore, George Lee, to the podium. That probably was a wrong move as they were in "Gaza" where Vybz Kartel loyalists are in abundance. It seemed that they realized and the next selection was 'Summertime' by the Teacha himself.
I could not bother to listen to all the Jeep and driva talks anymore so I left before it ended.