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Identity Crisis

With all the injustice plaguing the "tallawah" island of Jamaica I wonder if the powers that be ever question themselves and ask "am I a part of that problem?"

For too long we have embraced garrison communities. For too long we have nurtured the life of poverty as if it is something to be proud of. How can someone not feel emotional when they see the squalor that our citizens live in?

No use in complaining if I can't offer a solution. I am doing my part little by little to try and encourage people to believe that they deserve a better life. It all starts with knowing our identity.

What are you doing? What will you do?


I Am The One

Welcome to the Thunderdome! I really wanted to start this blog off with a bang of a statement. Why do I need to do this? No reasons, it just feels right.

Let me mention a few things on my mind.

I need to spend at least one week in Mexilandia (Mexico) so I can indulge in the delicious tacos and get stared at while doing so. I seldom get stared at in Jamaica so that bit of attention will do some good.

My Limited Edition Ernst Benz Mario Batali Chronoscope is keeping my wrist happy and feeling sexy. Having a pricey Swiss timepiece is a dream come true. My other dream timepieces are Hublot and Audemars Piguet.

The Mexicans on my social networks are having a fit about their National team being eliminated. They really need to relax. I can not imagine being addicted to any type of sport, or to anything, to be quite frank.

With that being said, I must end this with a bang.


The Engineer - Introduction

He is handsome, smooth yet rugged, educated and worldly. To say he is a lady's man would definitely be an understatement. Larry gets pussy, a whole lot of it, plain and simple. He is the ENGINEER.



What's in a name? This is a question we seldom ask ourselves. I was lucky to have visited the U.S.A. and have lived in Mexico; two North American territories. I have heard so many names and seen so many faces that it is unbelievable!

I can safely speak for most Jamaicans that whenever they hear a particular first and last name combination they immediately picture a certain face, complexion, attire, among other descriptive elements. Who do you picture when you hear these names? Please leave your description in the comments section.

Prudence Chin

Matthew Knight

Christina Lee

Desdale Harris

Jacqueline Massey

Sulan Sancko



There comes a day in your life where you have to separate work from home. It is not unheard of to have a loving friendship with coworkers. Keep in mind you spend most of your day with these people so eventually you will find the need to confide in an individual who is willing to listen and who shows empathy and compassion. You might discuss situations at home or situations at work, whether it be good or bad. But how trusting can you be that whoever you confide in will use that information against you in order to advance professionally? Especially if you are in an extremely competitive job.

To be continued.


Strange Fruit

This post is not about the famous Billie Holiday song. I am going to introduce you to a rare and refreshing fruit of of a name unbeknownst to me, hence the title, "strange fruit". It is a cross between pineapple and watermelon. I had the pleasure of tasting it a few months ago and I found it yesterday on a fruit vendor's cart in the main Falmouth market in Trelawny. I don't know in which areas of Jamaica it is grown but I intend to find out. The piece pictured was fresh with no hint of sugar. Needless to say it was delicious and served its purpose on a quiet and hot Saturday afternoon.

Outer layer
Edible center
Almost done
A yummy finish


-Give breakfast in bed.
-A day of pampering.
-Buy a gift.
-Go on a trip.

The actions listed above are the most commonly executed on birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day and also other special occassions and holidays. Come on now people! Be spontaneous! Be creative! Be unique in your own way!

Buying gifts and breakfast in bed are okay and deserved. Nonetheless you can, and ought to, do better than that if you expect your relationship to prosper. Search engines on the Internet were made for many reasons. Don't just use them for celebrity gossip and sports highlights.

I am unpredictable so my family, friends and that special someone in my life will appreciate me.