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Undercover Brother Says I'm White

So this is an interesting topic that always causes controversy. RACE IDENTITY my friends.

I caught the spanish dubbed version of Undercover Brother on TNT. It stars: Eddie Griffin, Chi McBride, Aunjanue Ellis, Gary Anthony Williams, Dave Chapelle, Denise Richards, Billie Dee Williams, Chris Kattan and Neil Patrick Harris. This is a very funny flick thanks to the casting.

Anyways, I am guilty of identifying with the white race for all of these elements as stated by the BROTHERHOOD:

1. Mayonnaise: which I absolutely love. In 2000 I had high cholesterol thanks to too much mayo in my Subway sandwhiches.

2. I love me some NSYNC, I can't front.

3. Friends: The complete series on dvd is at the top of my wishlist. The Jamie Foxx Show is #1. And yes I know the lines of many Friends episodes.

4. I would like to see a live show of the river dance. Damn I even try doing it!

5. I love the khaki, sweaters and loafers look.

I guess if you are black and can identify with at least 2 elements listed you are crossing over to the white side. Hahahahahaha!..... I'm sure the movie was made with good intentions. Keep on rocking folks!!



I rant and rave through literature because I can and I love it. I critique from different viewpoints because it's necessary, and it also allows us to justify our actions.
The matter at hand is analysis of literary works. So I'm a little shocked that a particular someone wants a 150 word minimum analysis of short stories written by Edgar Allen Poe and John Steinbeck. That's just crazy! There should be no word limit when analyzing literature. That subjects us our expression. Hey if someone wants to do an analysis in 10 words, well great for them. Shoot, it might be the best analysis ever written. That's all I have to say.
I go in peace.