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I've been preoccupied with doing nothing for a week or so now. Poetry makes me happy. How cool is it to just jot down your feelings (they could be good or bad) and transfer all that energy onto the paper? You feel so relieved after all the debacle.

ADVICE: It doesn't always have to rhyme hahahaha :=)Yeah so try going the poetry route when:
a) your coworker/boss pisses you off
b) you wanna praise someone special in your life
c) when your best friend needs cheering up
d) when u secretly wanna harm someone but then you realize that being incarcerated suckse) the list goes on........

Remember to be good if you can't be bad!


One of the major issues that hinders Caribbean integration is the economic capability/stability of each island. People should ease up on buying/importing products that are not Caribbean made. I for one buy mostly local and Caribbean made products when I'm home; example: instead of buying Heinz ketchup I buy Grace ketchup. I do the same when buying sodas, coffee, cheese, rice, spring water, snacks, tin products, among many other items. They taste better anyway.

Non governmental organizations should help the unemployed to start farming in all areas. Ginger sells for a lot of money in some countries, England being one of them, but not many local farmers grow it (I plan on going into the ginger farming business in a few years). In Jamaica for example we should renovate the textile factories and start making quality clothing that we can export and stop spending an arm and a leg on foreign designer clothes. We have so many local designers that need more distribution. The clothes are worthy of a space in any of the fine department stores situated in the fashion capitals of the world.

I'm basically trying to say we should create/support Caribbean owned businesses and keep as much money as possible flowing within the islands.



As I stated on my Mspace page, I will be posting more frequently because I am home between semesters. So I'm going to mention lyrics from songs that stand out, or made the song memorable and gives it a constant place in my playlists. A few words might be off in the citations, forgive me.

"I'm a hustler's hope, I'm not his pipe dream, so when they speak of success, I'm what they might mean" - Jay-Z... featured on Mr. Me Too Pt. 2 by The Clipse

"Addiction needs a pacifier" - Loser by 3 Doors Down

"I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now" - Wonderwall by Oasis

"I mean fucking you is strange and enjoyed by me throughout" - Stitches by Orgy

"I'm taking rock and roll to another level, iced out skull heads"... Juelz Santana featured on We Fly High Beef Mix by Jim Jones

"Gang of Jamaican Al Pacinos drinking Blue Mountain cappuccinos" - Hey Girl by Damian Marley

"I remind them so much of who they are supposed to be, I'm of royalty" - Dem A Wonder by Sizzla

"I'm not going to write you a love song, because you ask for it" - Love Song by Sara Bareilles

"I love to fall asleep with her in arms, I love to feel her skin against my palms... Her body is mine and I can get it anytime" - China Doll by Panic & the Rebel Emergency

"I'm not guessing, you are a blessing in disguise" - Juvenile by Panic & the Rebel Emergency

"Life is good and the girls are gorgeous" - These Streets by Paolo Nutini

"Lauryn baby use your head, but instead I chose to use my heart" - To Zion by Lauryn Hill

"We'll share the shelter of my single bed" - Is This Love by Bob Marley

"So much cuts on your wrist they'd think you tried suicide" - Jimmy Choo by Shyne & Ashanti

"I'm screaming fuck the world on my victory lap" - 300 Bars by The Game

"Don't worry if I write rhymes, I write cheques" - Bad Boy For Life by P. Diddy

"I got my own crib so you can't kick me out, I'll call one of your friends to come twist me out" - Jadakiss, Day & Night by Isyss f/ Jadakiss

"He doesn't look a thing like Jesus" - When You Were Young by The Killers

Anyways I can't think of anymore right now because my brain is shutting down. It's 2:25am

.... hol' di faith



Born in Kingston, Jamaica. Lived in many different houses, my real home is that of my grandparents. My maternal grandma is my heroine, her name is Cinderella (no kidding!). Hope she'll live to be a 100+ years old and see how succesful I'll become. I'd like to take her on various trips, she seems to enjoy being on airplanes but hates elevators and escalators. Go figure!

I was the only grandchild she taught how to read, supposedly I was 3 years old. Hence my being such a nerd. Cindy is strong as an ox and looks younger than her 80+ years. We both have a petite frame and resembled each other when I was a youngster. I look more like my dad last time I checked. Hence my being mistaken for a boy a few times during my childhood. Go figure!

What I am getting at is that I am who I am because of who my grandmother is. Go figure!

..........if you can't be good be bad :-)