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You know, my memory is definitely not what it used to be
I think that should be taken into consideration when my exam papers are being marked
Don't you?
It's only fair, if I can't remember, it's not my fault
Wishful thinking, right?
I have had such an off week
I literally felt like doing nothing
I really hope today is the last of it
My procrastination was at an all time high this week.
Not good at all.
It's funny with things like that,
How you know you need to get up and get stuff done even if you don't feel like it,
But that's where it ends,
I need to shake this.
Any suggestions?

A friend of mine sent this to me in an email on June 6, 2008. She wrote every word of it, I just set it in a way that it sounds like a.... what is the word? hmm a poem maybe? Well whatever you want to call it, I find it to be honest.



I'm sure most of us at one point wished they had written or came up with the idea for their favourite novel, song, poem, etc. In my case I listen to the string arrangement and lyrics of some songs and I'm in awe of their perfection. Talk about cathartic! Sometimes my heart beats fast when I hear the intro. At times I smile inside and out. I get anxious when I play them for virgin ears and hope that they'll understand my reason for being excited. If they don't feel the same way as I do I box them into the "you ain't know quality music section"....
Come on how can they not understand the honesty in the voices, the strong fusion of words that end up being lyrics, the instrumentation, and the experimentation with sounds and tones? The following have one or all of these elements aforementioned. I wish I was credited for their creation.

"Wonderwall" by Oasis - One of the best string arrangements. Liam Gallagher's voice induces pain and longing in the mind of the listener. The lyrics speak for itself.
"Hotel California" by The Eagles - The voice and lyrics take top prize.
"Crazy On You" by Heart - The Wilson sisters string arrangement and voice just makes you wanna do what the song says. They make the music weep.
"Underneath Your Clothes" by Shakira - Lyrics and honesty in the voice. I believed she really was in love when she sang this.
"Drive", "Pardon Me" by Incubus - The fact that Brandon Boyd sings with an offbeat delivery and the lyrics keep you guessing makes me appreciate these so much.
"Traffic Jam" by Stephen Marley & Damian Marley - Speaks the truth of how corrupt some members of the Jamaican security system are, I find it to be hilarious in some parts.
"Woman I Need You" by Sizzla - Have to appreciate a man yearning for the companionship of his significant other and trying to preserve their relationship.
"Set The Fire To The Third Bar" by Snow Patrol f/ Martha Wainwright - The featured singer's voice hooked me.

RADIO UPDATE now has recommended songs posted and new segment introductions :-)



The radio show is now on hiatus because my co-host is on summer vacations and the university's radio facilities are closed. Sorry for not informing earlier.

I've been busy with a class project "Radio Univac". Check out the page at Within two weeks we should be posting podcasts if all goes according to plan. In the meantime enjoy the photos. Thanks for the continued support.