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Nothing new to do and the weekend is here. Clubbing has been done before, it's the same music, beverages and people. I need to explore other activities, just don't know which ones are out there.



I visited the Laguna De Zempoala and climbed the pyramids in Malinalco in Esatdo de México over the weekend. Now I'm a 100% city girl who's down with the nature trail once in a while (too much clean air isn't good for you :-P) so the trip was just spectacular. You can't beat good food, interesting findings, beautiful surroundings, historical nourishment and reflection time. What made the outing extra special was the great company that I shared it with; Gina, Heather and Israel.

The view from on top of the pyramid was breathtaking. The sun fought with the clouds and it made for even better reflection. Talk about nostalgia. The surroundings are well kept and the climb isn't as painful and long like that of Tepoztlan. The workers were above to ensure the security of the archives. Can't allow an Indiana Jones type asshole to desecrate what's left of such a rich history.

Highlight of the trip would be when the State Police shafted us out of 300 pesos infront ofthe entrance of Laguna de Zempoala. Why did we have to stop and ask for directions. Gina, Heather and I pretended that we didn't speak nor understand Spanish so that we didn't have to converse with one of the policemen which by no surprise began speaking the little English that he knew. I was told by Heather that I didn't do a good job of "not knowing Spanish" granted that my pronunciation was on point :-) She suggested that I hang out with the gringos (folks from the U.S.A.) more often so I can copy their Spanish speaking accent. That was obviously a low blow to the Americans. I didn't care to defend the Americans because Heather is Canadian and I'm from the islands. Let the first worlders get it on!!!!

Gwaan hol' di faith and keep on keeping on.