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Semifinals Performance - Womanizer by Britney Spears
Second Rehearsal
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

With vigour, passion and grace, the participants of the first Miss Uninter pagaent were dancing and sweating their pretty hearts out. At the helm of this rehearsal was Allan Parra Núñez, a great maestro who's principal goal was to put the pep into steps, the sass in sexy, the beauty in bravado, and the act in attitude. The fifteen natural beauties that were on hand ranged from ages 18 to 28, hailing from Mexico and one from Zambia, showed the onlookers what is to be expected from their future representatives.
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¿Cuántos movimientos (artísticos, políticos), culturas, líneas de pensamiento, etc hay en un país, mas bien, en una institución educativa? En una preparatoria por ejemplo tenemos a muchos grupitos: los nerds, los fresas, los mamones, los jodidos, los darketos, los emos, los cholos, los hippies, entre otros. Aunque comparten ciertos rasgos, no piensan igual y dentro ellos habrá conflictos. Si los chavitos no pueden llevarse bien entonces es casi imposible que los adultos (que son los líderes, la figura de autoridad que debe tener mayor inteligencia y experencia) lo harán.


No está tan mal ser “controlado” pues hay gente que no sabe de dónde viene ni a dónde debe irse. Todo el mundo busca una identidad y los medios le ayudan en este aspecto. Yo no pienso que los medios convierten a la gente en idiotas sino la gente ya es idiota y busca un programa televisivo, revista, lo que sea, de acuerdo a su naturaleza. O sea, siempre hay una alternativa y se puede elegir. El problema en estudiar los efectos sociales de los medios es que no involucran al target, es decir, no preguntan a las amas de casa que ven las telenovelas el por qué de “consumir” los sentimientos que están transmitiendo. La modernidad en todo su esplendor y el capitalismo y el liberalismo me hacen contenta porque son lo que conozco como un miembro de Generation Y. En fin, no lo veo como una realidad radical.


"Life is good and the girls are gorgeous"
These Streets by Paolo Nutini

Spring Night Party was the place to be on Saturday, March 21st. Finding the place was easy thanks to the map that the Duendes Rosas, who are the promoters, provided.

Once I got there, the two ladies selling tickets had a welcome smile that was more than appreciative. One of them remembered me from the last party and was sort of encouraging me to wear one of the colour-coded chains. The tables were decorated with subtle candles, the bar was easily accessible (they had Dos Equis beer!) and the music varied throughout the night. The boys and girls were in full effect tearing up the dance floor. The pool was waiting for all those who dared to jump in and cool off. Hahaha at one point two girls had a freestyle race. My only complaint is that two restrooms aren't sufficient for such a large beer drinking crowd. A companion of mine who is a very good friend of the Duendes introduced me to two of them but I can not remember their names; I do remember though that one of them is the webmaster of their site.

The Venezuelan exotic dancers executed their task very well. I wonder how much hours they spend in the gym? I have to give an honourable mention to The L Word's Marina look-alike. The resemblance and gestures were sweetly uncanny. The Duendes Rosas once again did a fantastic job!
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A friend of mine suggested these artistes to me. I like her taste in music so I will be checking out the ones that I don't know:

Raphael Saadiq
Ben Harper
Ojos de Brujo
Malika Ayane
The Clics
Meshell Ndegeocello
Jenny Hoyston
Girl in a Coma
Uh Huh Her
Lesbians on Ecstasy
Tender Forever
Tegan & Sara



You Are Submissive Sexy
You are sexy because you are sensitive. You feel deeply. You're the type of person who loves being seduced and pursued. You're too passive to ever take the lead, but you don't mind waiting for someone to notice you. And once someone is chasing you, you love every moment until you are caught. Everything inside your head gets a little intense at times. You can get a bit overwhelmed in the bedroom. Your senses are very sharp. You are easily stimulated and turned on.

NOTE: This was the result of a quiz I took titled "What's Sexy About Your Name?". Click on the post's title to go the website.