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The Miss Uninter Final will be taking place on Thursday the 2nd of April at 10:00 PM at Elyseé Smart Bar located in Cuernavaca, Morelos. The creator and organizer of this educational pagaent (the head honcho) is none other than the 2004 Miss St. Kitts Johan Michelle Kelly, student and current delegate for the universities Caribbean students. Some of the notable judges will be José Luis Ávila Escutia who works in Public Relations and Siry Maziri, who placed second at the 2008 Miss Morelos pagaent.

The contestants will be competing for the chance to study for free at a university in Holland or the USA that is affiliated with the Universidad Internacional. I will be on hand at the finals at my reserved table as a guest of Ms. Kelly. Within the next few weeks I will "try" to post photos and interviews of the participants and the attendees.