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Contributor: Renaldo "King Rey" Newry

Ellen Page is a cute girl but do we really care what she eats? I am not referring to how celebrity gossip has taken over Journalism, but why on earth do they think a celebrity's diet will change the way other people eat. Celebrities who are successful enough probably has personal chefs and nutritionists who cook for them so they don’t have to worry about grabbing some junk food on the go. The majority, or let's say 80% of headline news is what random garbage a celebrity did or a celebrity’s thoughts on an event. They aren’t even trained journalists who's opinion has any merit. For example, CBS will get the Kardashians to give their thoughts on another celeb's outfit. I can imagine how much they get paid to say some crap like "that does not work for her".

Do Americans suck and look to famous people for guidance? You be the judge.



Farmville is addictive y'all!!! Anyone who is a member of the super famous social site Facebook has at least one contact in their list who uses the application Farmville. I dare you to prove otherwise.

Is it good or is it bad? Well, depends on how much time you spend playing it. Don't be idiotic, irresponsable douches like the couple who recently let their baby starve to death while they were glued to a game (google the news article).

-You stay up all morning or all night rearranging you farm
-You get angry when you get the report "Game out of synch, click to refresh"
-If your crops wither it is the end of the world because you invested so much money planting them
-You use your real money to buy Farmville cash (believe me these people exist)

-You don't care if your crops wither
-Gaining extra coins, fuel, points are not necessary
-You don't have any neighbours
-You don't care about ribbons