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How necessary will it be to be able to travel back in time? I think most of us would only modify all the stuff we consider to be bad and allow the good ones to take place. But would modifying the bad alter the happening of the good? Sounds philosophical but I haven't read the Philosophy books that I own as yet, so all this wondering is coming from a random state of mind.

I would like to be similar to that famous author who sat on the beaches of Cuba sipping mojitos and just doing his thing but I am beginning to wonder if deep down I am afraid that I'll produce a masterpiece that will be part of the required semester reading in universities. Ambition much?



Had to mention that Jigga Man is doing it big for the 2010. News outlets are reporting that a memoit that'll possibly be titled "Decoded" is slated to be released in November of this year. I hope so. Could it be in the same vane of the Wu Manual?



DID YA MISS ME? I stayed away because I didn't wanna be the "Debbie Downer" of the blogosphere. I'm posting now because a disciple said said so. Here goes:

"The Insider" is a funny ass gossip show. WTF Niecey Nash is loud! And I love how dude is so straight-faced with his delivery.

I still don't get how Chelsea Clinton is newsworthy? She hasn't even done anything scandalous - hmmm, then again, we don't know that.

People should get their financial obligations in order and stop being selfish.

My relatives are the ones who are putting their personal ish on FB. Remind me not to piss any of them off. Crazy bastards!!

I think that Levi's dough from his Playgirl shoot is finished that's why he is trying to get back in with Bristol. Smart-ass move of the year... so far.

Andy Rooney's eyebrows are FIERCE!