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Most people belong to one or more social network. Some of them update their Facebook status so regular you would think that they are getting paid to do so. They 'Like' almost everything their friends post and make some unneccessary comments.

Ever heard the saying 'the truth hurts'? If your native tongue is English and you haven't, well, I do not know what to say about you. Yesterday I update my status saying: "Music, films, art, literature and the like make my soul feels... Non Hollywood stories need to be told, donate $ to indie filmmakers. Buy a book about anything, read it then share it with someone. Start a journal. Decorate. Create. Volunteer. Learn a foreign language or better your native tongue.... I do everything except volunteer." Up to the time of writing this post not one person commented on or indicated that they liked my status. I found it rather strange to some extent. But then again, I rethought the reason for me saying this and realized that is expected.

If people read at least one book per month they would be much more understanding of the differences that exist around them and will be able to better communicate because of an expanded vocabulary. It is so easy to blame the media and first world countries when things don't go their way. Oppression and control exist in some countries yet some of the abused find a way to escape. Then why are the people with freewill complaining?

Keep it real folks.



I sell dreams for any price and I will take your money if you allow me to. That is basically what salespersons do. Don't hate the players nor the game. It is retail business and money keeps it alive.