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What makes a timepiece great? We all notice different styles of watches adorning the wrists of men, women and children alike. It can tickle your fancy or not. I remember my first watch being a black and digital with a rubber strap when I was around nine or ten years old. I also remember when I lost it or maybe it was stolen from me, that I was sad. It was nice and looked cool. Not many children wore watches back then so I was really styling. As an adult I bought a few others, my most prized being a Kenneth Cole, and then I stopped wearing them because I don't like when people ask me the time. Now I am a nuisance asking the time because I do not own a functioning watch. Like a wilderness girl, I just judge the time based on the sun and other elements around me. Clever much?

My pending purchase is a Bulova mother of pearl. I hope to get it soon.