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Strange Fruit

This post is not about the famous Billie Holiday song. I am going to introduce you to a rare and refreshing fruit of of a name unbeknownst to me, hence the title, "strange fruit". It is a cross between pineapple and watermelon. I had the pleasure of tasting it a few months ago and I found it yesterday on a fruit vendor's cart in the main Falmouth market in Trelawny. I don't know in which areas of Jamaica it is grown but I intend to find out. The piece pictured was fresh with no hint of sugar. Needless to say it was delicious and served its purpose on a quiet and hot Saturday afternoon.

Outer layer
Edible center
Almost done
A yummy finish


-Give breakfast in bed.
-A day of pampering.
-Buy a gift.
-Go on a trip.

The actions listed above are the most commonly executed on birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day and also other special occassions and holidays. Come on now people! Be spontaneous! Be creative! Be unique in your own way!

Buying gifts and breakfast in bed are okay and deserved. Nonetheless you can, and ought to, do better than that if you expect your relationship to prosper. Search engines on the Internet were made for many reasons. Don't just use them for celebrity gossip and sports highlights.

I am unpredictable so my family, friends and that special someone in my life will appreciate me.

Happy Feet Jamaican Style

Heeellllooooooo folks!

Valentine's Day has passed! Thank heavens!

I do not claim to be the most fashion forward or trendy, however, I do know what suits my body and personality. With that in mind I would like to mention a brand that has been receiving rave reviews from some close acquaintances of mine.

Bridget Sandals is a footwear designer house hailing from the glorious Caribbean island of Jamaica that has been around for a couple of decades. I understand that they are not mass produced therefore it will be harder for you to have a "twin" when you go to any social event. According to the website at the time of posting the price range is from USD$90 to $150. The sandals are easily recognizable and worn by the elite from mostly the middle to upper class echelons of Jamaican society. If exclusivity is what you crave then check out Bridget Sandals.

The inspiration is free my friend.




It is my first post for 2013 therefore I will make it short.

Life has been good. My sister welcomed twin boys a week ago, Jacob and Josiah. I am a proud aunt all over again. People keep saying that it is my turn but I shall pay them no mind. When the stress of motherhood comes along they won't be around to help me relieve it.

Work is work. Long hours, a few silly coworkers, mostly nice customers.

I realize that Hollywood has been getting things right this past year where filmmaking is concerned. Moviegoers seem to be over and done with the Frodo and Twilight melodrama. *sigh of relief* I see Bruce Willis is back kicking ass in a new Die Hard flick - thumbs up!

Kudos to National Commercial Bank on being anal and topping the Incompetence in Service award.

I bid you farewell my wonderful friends.