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Shows were broadcasted live on from the Universidad Internacional in Morelos, Mexico.



I shot cable spot for the language center of my university.... No I did not audition. I'm the only foreigner at my university, so of course I'ma stand out and they are gonna specially invite me to be a participate. I wasn't paid, but I'ma be on tv y'all!!!!

I also found out this chick from the high school section of my university has a crush on me. I got a note delievered to me by a friend of hers, lol. Won't get into much details, let's just say I'm a bit scared. For a few weeks now this girl has been screaming my name out whenever she saw me. Turns out she paid her classmate 10 pesos to find out what my name was... I found out who she is the following day, so that I can be on the look out.... Isn't Mexico grand?

20 Nov, 2006


Cuernavaca is hot as a motherfucker but I'll survive. I modelled for some photography students at an arts school two weeks ago. I went with my amiguita Johan to offer support and the students asked me to participate.

It was amazing! Can u say "Jamaica's Next Top Model"?... No way!! Not interested in modelling as a career!!! I don't even like posing for photos. Too much shit to do like makeup, hair, people all in your face, and oh my, taking off your clothes infront of complete strangers.

In other news, in mid February I shot another television commercial for my university. So that'll be two commercials under my belt. Last week I was asked to host a tourism segment on their tv station. I guess I would be travelling to cool places and do reports, also get to wear cool clothes from the mall. I didn't have any interest in doing it neither, I didn't go to the casting, but the casting came to me. I did a mini interview during class on my teacher's camcorder. It's not so bad being on tv (haven't got paid for any of this). People recognize me from the commercials but they don't say anything (must be my don't fuck with me attitude). I'm still one of the few foreign students at my university. They recently got another girl from Chicago to teach english, she's Jamaican by birth. I wanna take guitar lessons so I gotta buy a guitar. Recently found out that my dad plays a few instruments (he owns 2 guitars). Hoping we can have a jam session in the future.

Así es la vida folks!

March 5, 2007


During Semana Santa vacations in Taxco my friend Heather was on the potty and came up with a great idea for a scavenger hunt. We were 2 teams of 3 folks each. Her and Meredith made the lists, I have nothing to do with this list people. I only participated so damn anyone if they are offended while reading this. We used digital cameras for proof of some our findings.

- business card (non silver shop related)

- ticket stub de estrella blanca

- bum a cigarillo from someone

- corona bottle cap

- a flower

- chopsticks

-gratitude rock

- rolling paper

- a blue-tipped match

- un beso de un taxista en a VW (picture)

- picture of street poop

- picture of a camel toe (not your own or team members' own)

- picture of an extranjero (unknown)

- picture (of your whole team) drinking in the Zócalo

- picture of one team member with a police officer

- picture with an/or of an Asian

- picture of someone soaking their feet in the fountain

- picture of team drinking at Las Fuentes (final detsination)

It was odd to see a bunch of foreign girls running around wild during the holy processions, poor taxqueñans. Shout out to Dahlia, Erika, Heather, Israel and Meredith!



Now what issue is bugging me today? Right, people who don't think independently. I've met a few of them in my few years on earth. Seriously, don't you just hate when someone always steals your ideas? Then what makes it even worst, it seems as if they are not even aware of what they are doing. GRR!!!!


Monday night I took a bus to Cuernevaca which is the capital of the state of Morelos. From there, another bus to Guadalajara which is in the state of Jalisco. That ride was like 10 hours. Travelled all night. Arrived in Guad around 7:30 am. Took another bus to the university. The view was that of NYC but cleaner. There is a fast food restaurant every square mile. The fashion there is amazing. Like the O.C. meets Laguna Beach meets Paris Hilton. The men are gorgeous. Ocotlan is an hour via bus outside Guad. Visited the other university campus. It is a bit more laid back but nice as well. The friend's house we stayed reminded me of a pathway house in Portmore, but with more space. Came back on Thursday morning. Spent the night in the bus station at Mexico city cuz we missed the last bus home. Very interesting, adventurous and tiresome experience. Most bus stations charge between 2-3 pesos to use the restroom. Trip was great and I am glad it was with my amiga Georgina.

March 5, 2006


Went to Acupulco Friday morning. That is 4-5 hours via bus from where I live in the state of Guerrero. I was so excited when I saw the Pacific Ocean from the bus. The Acupulco natives are mostly dark skinned. First stop in the afternoon was Playa Caleta, took a glass bottom boat to the island of Roqueta. On the ride over I saw a statue of the Virgin Of Guadalupe below the sea. The Virgin is very popular in Catholicism here. I think she was the virgin weeping at Christ's crucifixion. There is a rock altar in the ocean, where her statue is also placed in the middle. You pass houses and see her posted up outside or inside with lit candles. People climb up and view her on that rock and write on the rocks. Roqueta island was fun. The water was pretty cold and the locals kept trying to get us on banana boat rides and scuba diving. We ate at an amazing beach side restaurant back on Playa Caleta. I ate shark for the first time as an appetizer with tortilla chips. It tasted like tuna. Visited the Papagayo Park where I saw an ostrich for the first time, and a whole bunch of other jungle animals I can not remember. We walked the hip strip, drank exotic alcoholic beverages, watched 'Bandidas' with Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz at the Cinepolis, viewed streetside art for sale, and then searched for a hotel to crash. Saturday morning had great breakfast, walked to the park where we rented cuatricylces and raced the Guyanese. We won ofcourse. Had tasty Fettucine Alfredo for lunch at an Italian restaurant in the Zocalo. Went to La Quebrada where people dive from a really high cliff into the ocean near huge rocks. If you hit the water when the tide is low, that's your ass. Alot of people died while diving. You should see the view. I did not want to leave there. The breeze felt so good and the scent of the ocean and the sound of it crashing against the rocks was just so tranquil.

March 5, 2006


Goodness! Gracious! Great Balls Of Fire! Okay let me just clarify something, I use MSN screen names to reflect my mood at times. Sometimes I just think of something random. Right now I am missing Wu Tang songs like crazy so I drop lines from various songs. 'Bust shots at Big Ben like we got time to kill' and 'Put on my gasoline boots and walk through hell' is from 'The Jump Off'.

And previously I was feeling Kanye West's 'Diamonds Are Forever' joint with Jay-Z, therefore I used 'Difficult takes a day impossible takes a week' and 'I had to get off the boat so I could walk on water' as screen names. I hope that the people who were asking got the drift. Screen names should reflect who you are or aren't. It's also a way of putting information out there. I see some of you people dropping in advertisements for events and stuff. That is being creative, and cheap hahahahah Take care of you. Hol' di faith.

March 2, 2006


My cousin Sulan and I are of the opinion that one needs a higher level of understanding and intelligence to appreciate rock music. I believe the same for hip hop also; I would have to get her input on that genre another time. Our grandmother thinks that we are devil worshippers because we played 'Chop Suey' by System Of A Down repeatedly. And Sulan is a huge Rob Zombie fan. "Living Dead Girl" anyone?

We were raised to have free will. So even though we're from the land of Reggae, we never hid the fact that rock music is so fucking awesome and that you suck if you don't like at least one rock song! We are hardcore so grandma can think and say whatever. We still played Chop Suey every night annoying the neighbours and we played it loud. (I now apologize for your sleepless nights Maxine, NOT!!) I will do it again, even though I am older and know better. ROCK ON!!!


Club nights are one of the reasons I love life. I must admit partying is a good way to enjoy your existence in this morbid world. Having a few beers, dancing, wilding out and being in good company is what life is about when you are trying to unleash stress, worries and all the negative vibes. Yo I'm down for anything so bring it on folks!!!


Have you ever had someone just graced your presence and then they just leave you alone at the drop of a dime? That person brought nothing but bliss and enjoyment. Then ya! Just when you started getting to know them better. AHHHH!!! Such is life.

May 14, 2006


Date Founded: January 2006

Place Founded: D.F., Mexico

Members: Omar, Georgina, Melissa and me ofcourse

Mission: To be leaders

Motto: We don't give a fuck about what anyone thinks, we strive for the best, we appreciate the finer things in life, and when it's time to party we will always party hard!


I am now moving to my third crib since I've arrived in Mexico. But this one is the best so far!Talk about just getting better and better! WOW! I room with two girls from Chicago, otherwise called 'The Windy City' for those who not in the know. I'm the oldest, hehehehe, so I'm the boss! Just joking, I am the oldest but we're all cool. Oh, their names are Katie and Carli, and they love to party, so you know them in my good book for sure. Yup yup, my landlords are pretty cool. Talk about kind people. Anyway, I'm just killing time writing this entry cuz the taco place open in the next 25 minutes and I can't be bothered to go home and come back out. Just had to let y'all know. Last time I had tacos was Tuesday, and is now Sunday, so I'm doing good where the weakness is concerned.

June 11, 2006


Wow, I had the best Saturday ever! I spent the day by the pool, socializing and playing football with the most amazing company you can ever imagine. So adorable. I went to my landlady's house in Santa Rosa, that is like 15 minutes drive outside of Taxco. The property was so huge and beautiful. They had a goat, wanted to curry his scunt goddammit. lol. The girls spent most of the time tanning, swimming and taking photographs. I was mostly drank beer and whatever. The menu was great: beer, fruits, tortilla, guacamole (shout out to Eric), salsa, potato chips, soda, cheese and the tastiest grilled chicken. WOW! Everything was so delicious. For the most part, we all felt like a bunch of spoil brats just chilling by the pool and having everything being done for us. But we totally appreciated it.

June 17, 2006


One of my cousin's named Gillian says this blog is interesting but I have issues. Friends' opinions: Gina thinks it can corrupt one's mind. Sherrick thinks it's cool. Lisa thinks I have alot of time on my hands to be able to have a blog. Hhahahaah


So I'm a fucking STAR, and I have reasons to feel that way. In Mexico I was in 2 commericals and modelled for photography students ( wasn't paid for the gigs by the way). It was done a local level, but dat nuh matter, cuz people come up to me saying they recognize me from tv. Nuff people wish they could be in that position. Next stop? I was a guest on my sistren's internet radio show. We gabbed about Jamaica and played reggae music. Now I'm her cohost and I'm getting paid with experience and exposure. Just congratulate a sistah on doing something positive...

Keep it pimping and shake it easy my good folks.


Yup I'm talking bout dat same Renaldo, di same dude that likes fronting like a criminal. He's a sweetheart don't mek him fool yuh hehehehe.... So anyways El Rey and I chatting online as usual and he just keeps dropping funny quotables. I'm now logging them. Look out for our collaborative efforts in the years to come. Dude is a literature head like myself so u can imagine the witty and articulate ways in which we express ourselves. And we "always" read between the lines so we'll be accepting your bullshit after analyzing it....I move in my own way!!

Click on the title to go to Rey's blog.


I'm content as long as:
1. My family and loved ones are ok.

2. My needs are taken care of: bills are paid, beers, tacos

3. I get good grades

4. I still have the ability to readIn other words just avoid me if u coming wid any complications or negative vibes.

I DON'T DO DRAMA! So don't bring it near my aura.